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Your Brick Supports Student Scholarships

When you make your contribution you will be helping Grand Canyon University’s Scholarship Program. This program exists to make the dream of pursuing higher education an accessible reality for all. The full tuition scholarship program gives students the opportunity to revitalize their communities with a hope that oppressive cycles of poverty can be broken down once and for all.

What is Pave The Way?

Leave behind your legacy at GCU by customizing your very own Alumni brick. For $50, your brick won't only pave the way for future students but will help showcase what makes GCU so special, and that's YOU! Commemorate your achievements, memories, and time spent at GCU by paving the way for future students. Personalized bricks are installed in the promenade between the Lope Shop and Prescott Field.

*For questions regarding bricks please email [email protected]

The GCU Fellowship Initiative

The GCU Fellowship supports university wide initiatives that enhance our overall mission to make a private college education accessible & affordable for all. 

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!